To be the best in the World of Warcraft you will require a lot of gold. The WOW Gold Guide claims that it can effectively guide you in accomplishment of the objective with ease and convenience. How far true is the claim? Read on to learn.

Since it made its appearance around seven years back, World of Warcraft , the massively role playing multi player game has been one of the most popular online games with millions of players participating. With the growing intensities of competition, many players are looking for an effective guide that can help them get to the desired levels with ease and convenience.

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WoW Gold Guide Overview

Rating: 9.5/10

Review by Asmodeus

Guide suitable for: Beginner – advanced players

What it Claims

It is claimed by Justin Blake, the owner of the wow guide that it can comprehensively help any player irrespective of whether he is a beginner or an expert to achieve the required expertise in the game that would help him or her to amass lot of world of warcraft gold very easily.

It is Impressive

This WoW Gold Guide is one that has some impressively great features. While most of the world of warcraft guides are not worth consideration, this one is certainly different.

Regular Updating

This secret guide was written right after the game came out and has been regularly updated since that time. More than anything else, the timeliness of the update is quite impressive.

Something for Everyone

One of the impressive features of the guide is that it offers some World of warcraft secrets for every gamer. It could be about gathering or crafting professions; farming, dailies, grinding, auction house trading, add-ons, low level tips and much more.

Full Maps and Pictures

Offering clear map pics and screenshots the guide makes collection of the world of warcraft gold easier for the players. These wow strategies offered are catching and impressive!

WoW Gold Guide Features

Blake’s Gold guide is basically a collection of four guides that deals with different aspects of the World of Warcraft.

  • Leveling guides for 1-85 Horde and Alliances.
  • Seasonal events guides.
  • Daily quest walkthrough guides
  • Profession and achievements guides.

All the four guides on different aspects of WoW are available as stand alone or in combine packages. Of course the combined package is economic if the combined costs of the four packages are taken into consideration.

WoW Gold Guide Pros

Some of the positive sides of using the guide for learning world of warcraft secrets are as follows.

  • Working within the ambits of the WoW rules, the guide tries to follow a completely legal path encouraging the players to accumulate gold using straightforward and honest methods.
  • It is useful for both starters as well as experienced gamers with both tips for the beginners as well as in depth analysis for the advanced players.
  • Whether you are a crafty gnome or towering gaming personality, you may benefit from the tips and tricks provided in the guide.
  • Once you get it, the WoW Gold Guide continues to be with you. No recurring membership fees are required.
  • Updated monthly, the tips for getting more world of warcraft gold are efficient most of the times.
  • Feedbacks received from the end users show the guide in a positive light.

WoW Gold Guide Cons

I could not find any cons at all with this product! I’m totally satisfied with my purchase, the guide helped me improve my world of warcraft character statistics drastically!


Overall the WoW Secrets Guide To Gold is a good world of warcraft guide even with the VIP access. The pros far outweigh any cons that one might find.

You may think of using the guide to your advantage. Above all; there is a community forum as well as customer’s service that you can access for getting help. It could well be your way of reaching level 85 in just a week’s time in the wow games.

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